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3 Easy Steps To An Online Will Checked By A Solicitor

Step One: Honestly answer a set of simple questions.

Step Two: Review your answers and submit your results. You will only tender your payment when you are satisfied with the final product.

Step Three: Your final document will be meticulously reviewed by a licensed solicitor before it is returned to you by e-mail or through the Post. Every document is reviewed and approved by a licensed and fully qualified UK solicitor. 

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Pricing – Cost of Doing an Online Will

When you are completely satisfied with the results, submit your payment of: £39.00 for a single will or £69.00 for a pair of online wills UK. Should you need optional printing and postage, additional fees begin at £10.00.

Having a Last Will and Testament brings peace of mind to you and your loved ones

For your protection, we carry £2,000,000 Liability Insurance. We offer a Money-back Guarantee if you are dissatisfied with your final Will. All documents are reviewed by a qualified UK solicitor before they are certified.

If your looking for a Do it Yourself (DIY) will kit, or wondering how to create a last will and testament yourself, DO IT ONLINE click the button below

Make A Will Online: Fully compliant with laws of England and Wales

By using online.willstrustslpa.co.uk, you can create an online will UK when it is convenient for you. It only takes a few minutes and is sensibly priced. You will receive full instructions on how to correctly sign and legally witness your document so that your will is legally sound. Your document has been prepared within the law as affirmed by one of our qualified solicitors. Once the process is complete, you will have the legal Will and can rest assured that your final wishes regarding your estate will be honoured.

Completing the Will writing process – Creating the right one.

When you choose to complete your will online, you can take your time, sign in, and continue and update your document at your convenience. Throughout the process, you will have access to full legal guidance. Legal terms will be defined as you are guided through all the steps of the will and probate process. Even after your will is finalised, you will have the luxury of making changes at no extra charge for a full 28 days. If you choose to our lifetime updates service, you will have access to your document, for a small fee of £10 per year, for the remainder of your days. Throughout this process, you will find no additional fees. When it is final, your Will shall be professionally printed and bound and delivered through the Post for £15.00 per document.

The Will Writing Process

Prior to initiating the actual writing process, you should be prepared with the contact information for any person you choose to name as a beneficiary. If you forget a detail here, you will be supplied with a link to return to the site and complete the will at a later time.

Step One: Complete the questionnaire.

Keep your information secure and make sure your contact information is complete. Your information will be well-protected and will only be used for the completion of the document and production of the final product.

Our data handling policy clearly explains the steps we take to keep your information secure. Next, you will answer questions about your wishes as to who will be managing the details of your estate. You will detail who will inherit your belongings and assets. You can even attach any conditions that you wish.

Step Two: Review your answers, confirm your information, and pay a nominal fee

Once you have completed your questionnaire, you will be provided a summary of the information. You will be given the opportunity to amend the document to meet your wishes. Our nominal fee of £39.00 for an individual will and £69.00 for a pair of wills can be paid using credit or debit cards. You can even choose to charge it to your PayPal account.

Step Three: Receive your document, legally sign and have it witnessed

Once a secure payment has been processed, your final document will be emailed to you. You will also receive detailed guidelines for finalising the Will with your signature and legal witness.

A solicitor will then review the document to make sure it is legally in order.

You will be contacted by a member of our legal team should any changes need to be made. In order to receive a bound and printed version of your final will, a small payment of £15.00 per document ensures your certified document will be delivered to you through the Post.

When all steps are completed, your Last Will and Testament is considered fully legal and in compliance with the laws of the crown.

Validity of your Last Will and Testament

Any Will prepared through our service is guaranteed to be valid in England and Wales.

If you have holdings in Scotland or overseas, you should consult with local solicitors to make sure it is within local laws as well.

If your overseas holdings are substantial or the laws significantly different, you may want to prepare a second Will document specific to those holdings.

Make A Will Online News 

Statutory Legacy Increase

It is said that you have died ‘intestacy’ when you die without a proper legal Will. An intestate death is decided through government rules as to who inherits your assets and belongings.

The amount awarded to your spouse or domestic partner is called a Statutory Legacy.

Although times immediately following the death of our loved ones tend to be overwhelming, there are certain administrative steps that you will legally need to process.

While these requirements can significantly add to your stress, failure to follow the steps in a prompt and timely manner can result in unexpected costs and legal complications that may arise at a later time.

Online Wills UK prepared for British Ex-Pats – Buy one today!

While any Will that is prepared through our service is legal in both England and Wales, legal obstacles can arise if you domicile within the UK but carry a legal residency from a different country.

Since each country addresses the process of probate in a different manner, you should retain counsel who is expertise is the local laws in your country of residence.

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