Do You Need a New Will When You Get Married?

With such a joyous occasion like marriage and a wedding on the horizon, it is often hard to talk about one’s mortality, but it is necessary. In fact, this is the perfect time to sit down with your future spouse and review your wishes and discuss future plans upon either or your’s death.

When to Create a Will

It is important to note that marriage will automatically revoke (cancel) any other will unless it specifically states otherwise upon a name change and marital status. What this means is that your estate would be divided according to the intestacy rules laid out by the government instead of your own wishes.

It is important to update your will or create a new will whenever your circumstances change, like in the case of marriage. For example, any of the following would need a will written or updated.

  • Entering a civil partnership
  • Getting divorced
  • Dissolving a partnership
  • Birth of a child
  • Remarriage

Making a Will with Wills Trusts LPA Online

Making a will at the time of marriage is affordable and gives you peace of mind about your future and your new beginning with your spouse. You can easily go online and write a will with us. For married couples, the type of will that is typically done is a mirror will. A mirror type will reflect each person’s wishes. This type of will is also called a joint will; however, it is two separate documents in reality.

Our experienced will writers can assist you in writing your will and providing you with information and advice no matter your situation. Another type of will to think about at marriage is a living will. A living will is also known as advance directives. This will helps to outline your wishes, including medical directives about treatment you do or do not want at the time of an accident or illness.

From property and finances to medical directives, it is imperative that a couple sits down upon marriage and writes a will together. Although none of us wants to think about the end of life, it is more troublesome to think that we may leave behind issues for our loved ones because we did not leave them any instruction to follow.

married people need a will

Tips for Writing a Will Online

Writing a will online before marriage is easily done in three simple steps:

  • Answer a set of simple questions honestly
  • Review the answers and submit. You will only tender a payment upon your approval of a final product
  • The final document will be returned to you via email or post upon being checked by a qualified UK solicitor

Making a will online does not take a lot of time, and it is convenient for you. With sensible pricing, you can easily budget this step into your marriage and wedding planning upon engagement. With online access, you can sign in at any time and add things at your leisure.

With Wills Trust LPA Online, you have 28 days after your document is finalised to make changes if needed at no extra charge. You may even choose our lifetime update service, which allows you to make changes for the remainder of your days for only £10 a year. If you choose to receive your will through the Post, it will cost £15 per document.

It is important to remember that upon marriage, that spouses have rights and duties with one another that no other person in the world has. Being married affects many things including the following:

  • Finances
  • Property
  • Inheritance
  • Medical Treatment
  • Burial Rights
  • Care of children and their finances and inheritance rights

As mentioned above, a mirror will is a great choice for those with uncomplicated assets and a simple family structure. However, those with estates and blended families may require individual (single) wills that meet each person’s specific needs and obligations. No matter what you need, let Wills Trusts LPA Online help you through the process.

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