Are Online Wills Legal?

The most asked question we get is around the legality and validity of our wills.

Yes, wills bought online are legal and valid. However, not all are, the caveats are below in more detail. 

However, rest assured that Wills Trusts LPA can be trusted in providing you with a fully valid legal will. The online service that we provide has been developed by our solicitors, and the questionnaire that you answer are the questions our our solicitors would ask you face to face.

Through our in-house custom built software after providing the answers to these questions you will be provided with your will. This can be a single or joint (mirror) will.

The key advantages of using our online will writing service are:

  1. Time saving done straight from your home
  2. Price, the cheapest will you’ll find online
  3. Thousands of satisfied clients
  4. Only pay when happy. Start today and comeback anytime to finish it
  5. Totally private and secure. As you’d expect.
  6. 100% Valid and Legal under the laws of England and Wales.

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Are Online Bought Wills Legal in the UK?


Yes, online wills are 100% legal.

Having a will is one of the most important things you can do before passing away. This document is, after all, your final word to those who will survive you. No one should die without having a will in place, as this would leave their estate to the state.


There are many conventional methods of getting a will drafted and signed. You can use an expert or solicitor, you can make a will yourself, or you can use the services of online will writers such as Wills Trusts LPA Online with its free consultation service.


So, why are there such concerns over the legality of online wills? Well, it is only a matter of time before the law courts will accept them. The questions that need answering are:

  • Are they enforceable in the court of law?
  • Can they be challenged in court?
  • Can they be said to be legitimate?
  • Is the information given in them correctly?



On the surface, these might be perfectly valid points. However, as you examine each in more detail, you will see more to this debate than meets the eye.


Enforceability in the Court of Law


Considering that an online will is based in cyberspace and only accessible through a computer makes it easy to understand the fears this could cause. Keeping in mind that most people find the complexity of the internet confusing, would it be possible for these documents to be considered legally binding? Well, let’s examine why there is so much doubt over their enforceability.


Most people who have a will drawn up go to a solicitor. That being the case, many documents are traded back and forth between solicitor and client. This means that there has been some exchange with this legal document between both parties before it has been finalised. This is bound to occur for any legal document. 


The same goes for online wills. In short, the online will must have an exchange with a conventional one before it can be considered a valid will. If a person goes to an attorney and then uses an online will, they would still have exchanged these documents, which means that both are legally valid. 


Can they be challenged in court?


To challenge a will in court, it needs to be proven that the choice contents are filled with inaccuracies and false information. If this is to be successful, it must be proven that the data is fraudulent and is not valid.


As long as a reputable will-writing company has correctly generated the online will, there should not be any issues affecting its enforceability. The information given in online wills will depend on what the person provides when they fill out their details on a website. Therefore, if you are the type of person who perfectly fills in all your details, nothing can stop you from ensuring that your wishes are carried out after your death.


Can they be said to be legitimate?


Is the information given in online wills legitimate? There is no doubt that these documents have their place in the world of law. It was a revolutionary idea for those individuals who had their wills drawn up by a conventional method to use the internet to create the will. When we consider it from this point of view, it would be easy to understand why online will do not meet with a lot of condemnation from the legal profession.


Can they be said to be correct?


This answer might be a bit more complex. There is no doubt that the information given online will be correct. The same cannot be said for conventional will writing companies. Many people have had their traditional wills challenged over the years due to various issues.


The most common issue is the legal language used. This can often be too confusing and does not convey what the person wants to achieve with their will. In most cases, this leads to families fighting over who should get what, and it becomes a huge source of stress for everyone involved. 


For example, the legal language used in conventional wills is often very confusing and hard to understand. This can lead to several disputes over what the testator has intended.


It is important to remember that you should always review your will before signing it. The last thing you need is for some form of a dispute to arise when all you wanted was for your wishes to be carried out after your death.


If you need help creating a Will for yourself or someone else, please visit willstrustslpa Online supply legal online wills


Benefits of an Online Will


Accessibility: Online wills are accessed via a computer and completed from any location. Therefore, these last will and testament types are incredibly convenient for those who do not live near a solicitor or those who wish to conduct their will on their own.

  • Affordability- Online will tend to be much cheaper than conventional ones.
  • Speed – It is possible to get an online will done within a matter of minutes, which is significantly faster than conventional wills, which can take days or even weeks to complete.
  •  The internet has revolutionised the process of getting your will drawn up. It is now possible to get your online will done within a matter of minutes, which is significantly faster than conventional wills, which can take days or even weeks to complete.
  • Initiative- You do not need to see an attorney or use any other legal service to get an online will done. With an online will, you are the one who initiates the process by filling out a form and sending it off to the company.
  • Privacy and Confidentiality – Online wills are usually kept private as most online companies do not want others to learn about your last wishes. These companies take privacy very seriously so that no others find out what you want your final wishes to be.

Individuals can get an online will done by anyone experienced in this field. It is essential to look at the experience of a solicitor before you enlist their services, as they must have a vast knowledge of the law and be able to ensure that your will is perfect.

Many things enter into making online wills and conventional wills different from each other. On the whole, these documents seem to carry out their function of ensuring that your last wishes are carried out.

Online Wills vs Conventional Wills- Which is Best?

You now know how an online will can affect your life once you are gone. There are also many advantages to using online wills over conventional ones. But which one is better?

Online will have revolutionised the way people think about traditional documents such as a will. These documents now have their place in the world of law and are being used by millions of people around England and Wales. 

Undoubtedly, these documents will continue to be used for years to come, if not decades, as more and more people prefer them to conventional ones.

Online wills can be said to be less ambiguous than conventional ones. However, this is not always true. 

In conclusion, online wills legality and validity have been tested in various courts worldwide, with the majority of them being legitimate. 

Online wills are better than conventional ones for several reasons, ranging from affordability to simplicity. 

Remember that nothing beats a good solicitor, especially when making a will. Please do not take risks with your last wishes and always ensure that you have them drawn up by an experienced lawyer. 


Will Trusts LPA Online will help you get an online will with a lot of ease, speed, and convenience.

Protect the assets that you worked a lifetime to gather. Make your will online today. Having a properly executed Will can provide you with greater peace of mind.

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